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Benefits of  Reuse

While manufacturing new products drains our limited natural resources, and disposing of unwanted materials pollutes our environment, our communities also face difficulties getting the affordable goods they need. One way to prevent waste, improve our communities, and increase the material well-being of our populace is to take useful products discarded by those who no longer want or need them and provide them to those who do.  

So how do we promote reuse in Leicestershire? The three member charities of LRRN ask for your donation of reuse items such as furniture, household goods and electrical goods which are in a suitable condition that they can be reused. We can arrange to collect larger items from you or you can bring your donations to us. We then carry out the necessary checks to ensure that items are safe to be reused and we then offer them for sale to the general public or they are supplied to individuals that have been assessed by caring agencies as being “ in need”.

We raise money from the items donated as we have to cover our operating costs of buildings , transport, utilities and a small staff of paid employees as well as supporting our volunteers who undertake the majority of our day to day work. As charities we do not make any “profit” from our work and all the money raised is used within the charities themselves. As well as the obvious benefit to the climate by reuse and the reduction of landfill, we also improve the life opportunities of our volunteers.

Fortunately for the planet there are now many members of the public who are happy to come along and buy from us. They might think of the importance to the environment but they also appreciate the good value that reuse offers, the vast range of choice as every item is unique and they enjoy that search for a good bargain.

So the Network allows you to donate for reuse and come along to one of our shops to buy that bargain. You can also help us by passing on information to your friends about our work and of course we always welcome new volunteers!


“Laying the foundations to double reuse”

A study by Wrap on how they thought in 2014 Leicestershire could double its reuse rate.

Click here for the article

Life Cycle of a Sofa


Click the van to see a video showing re-use in action starring sofa volunteers and staff, which was produced by Charnwood Borough Council for use with primary school children.