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New Stock Every Day

As our stock comes from donations rather than suppliers we receive a rich variety of goods every day. For example we will know that we are collecting a 3 piece suite that day but we won’t know the colour or style. So its a really good idea to come along and browse on a regular basis.

The great advantage with visiting one of our members is that you can actually see what you are buying and its actual condition before you have to decide to buy, plus something even better may catch your eye.

Having recommended a personal visit we do offer a limited range of goods on line via EBay and Facebook.

When you do part with your money remember that our members are all registered charities so your money is used only towards their charitable objectives.


For all you needs visit the Work-Link shop at The Borough, Hinckley. As Work-Link is the only member with a bike repair workshop this is the outlet to chose for reuse bikes. A selection is on display at the shop although this bike on the right is for display only.

Work-Link also has a workshop producing a range of ShabbyChic furniture which can be seen at their shop. The workshop has occasional training days for those interested in gaining skills in upcycling please contact the Warehouse for details.

See the Work-Link Facebook page for the latest bargains.


Sofa has the largest floor space of all the members covering three floors. Everything you can think of for the house is somewhere in this maze of bargains and occasionally you will find the totally unexpected as well.

See the Sofa Facebook page for more bargains

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Graded Electrical Goods

As well as donated items our members now have available a selection of new electrical goods that have cosmetic damage to them and have been rejected by the major outlets. They come with a full guarantee and as long as you are willing to accept the damage that you can see they are a real bargain.

We also have a small range of new electrical goods that are competitively priced also available to the public. These are stocked to meet demand when we are unable to supply reuse items.